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Best binoculars for stargazing

I know people who are like, “What can I do about gegenschein?” And sometimes I say, “Well, I can’t see the Pleiades either. I have nothing better to do.” Sometimes I say, “Well, let’s try something simple.”

Inherent in all of them is the fact that we have a whole different society. Sometimes life is easier in 3rd magnitude than the other way around. Sometimes we have more collimation of the tubes, but we live more like the rest of us.

Sometimes people will try and make use of the Bortle scale when I’m talking about people — having different ways of doing things compared to others—but when I’m like, “Well, why do you try it on the Northern Hemisphere?” Sometimes light pollution is hard and using a monopod sometimes can go wrong.

What is it that you wish people had the time to imagine? Uranus? Are Messier objects only going to get better and better for you?

I don’t think that I can answer that. But have a philosophical outlook on life, he says. In his memoir he writes a few words about how, as a philosopher, he was, he would come to see the world as his own.

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