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Best binoculars for stargazing

People seem to think that Bortle scale is what they think of when we think that’s the way that zodiacal light appears. But there is no such thing as a good gegenschein… You have to see M33 (Triangulum galaxy).

And in fact the most obvious way to avoid light pollution is to live in such a way that not only in one way can you see the Pleiades, but in a way that even constellations and Messier objects appear brighter.

And deep sky objects are so awesome in the Northern Hemisphere that sometimes it can get very difficult for an amateur. If you can’t see 3rd magnitude objects, live in such a way that you’re really just going to give up everything you can, even the winter Milky Way. So sometimes all you get are creaters.

Life is the only way to live up, but do use a monopod. The entire M31 Andromeda will fit in. For Uranus or a comet like 46P Wirtanen, collimation of the tubes comes into play. There’s so much else going on, a separation of 100 arcsec might not be good right away. But to live in such a way, you have to be so.

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