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Workshops for the development of sustainable solutions in developing countries

What Our Workshops Are All About

We’re all about building sustainable solutions. We’re not interested in charity, or “hacks”. Our main focus is working with businesses who are planning to enter emerging markets so that everyone benefits from it: of course the business itself, but also the community that the business will inevitably impact.

That’s what our workshops and consulting are all about. We help our clients focus on the core issues that they will be facing when entering the new market – be it in Africa, Southeast Asia or Latin America – and figure out what sort of impact their business will make on the local population.

An incoming business can provide new jobs for the locals, bring new product to the local market and help stabilize the local economy. But the relationship should be profitable for both parties. The company must make back the money invested and more – that is the only way that the benefits will be lasting and sustainable.

Our workshops bring together a small group of like-minded business owners and highly experienced consultants who have firsthand experience building sustainable companies in developing countries. Through a series of talks and presentations, and of course prolonged Q&A and discussion sessions, we work out the best strategy for each of the attendees to proceed with when entering the emerging market.

Attendees walk away equipped with important knowledge of what to expect and how to act, which next steps to take and which relationships to cultivate from the get-go for their undertaking to be successful.

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