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Joint Ventures in Developing Countries

It is common for big businesses to invest in developing countries, treating the local suppliers and producers as recipients of a charity. Yet, if we are to put developing countries on a course of growth and achieving sustainability, it is critical for the local businesses to grow and thrive, and not just receive “free money” that will eventually be spent and everything will return to square one.

For this purpose, it is vital that global leading businesses who operate in such countries, treat the local small producers as they would treat normal business partners, forming investment relationships that allow both sides to win. That way, the small business will have the means and very importantly, the incentive to use the investment prudently and wisely to as to aid its own growth and ability to produce. The large business partner, the investor, will then win by acquiring sustainable produce which will motivate them to continue the business relationship. It’s a win-win situation, where not only the two businesses have something to gain, but also the country where they are located, since this will then fuel the creation of jobs, growth of salaries and enhance consumption, leading to further growth and development.

We are constantly working on propagating this view and attempting to get big business to their smaller local counterparts as meaningful viable business partners.

Updated: 2019-01-12 — 22:32
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